E-ArtReplicas.com is a privately owned US Corporation located in Carson City Nevada. We began in 1992 with three partners who traveled extensively to Asia on business trips in their respective professional fields. All of us were attracted to the high quality of artisanship available and have individually purchased many varied works. We would also purchase works for colleagues, friends and family. We paid hefty prices in those days due to being "outsiders", although the prices were still far better than what one can generally find in the US or Europe. Increasingly, colleagues and friends requested more and more works and it became apparent that we should handle this in a more formal manner (and save ourselves time). Initially, we found associates who could purchase works on our behalf at more reasonable prices and ship them to our colleagues. Over time these associates have now become partners with us. Additionally, after testing the quality from many sources, we are now able to directly commission artists (after rigorous quality checks) for the reproductions we proudly offer to our valued customers.

Our partners span the globe and come from the following countries: China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, UK and USA. Our partners always keep abreast of quality painters and we only commission the Best for your reproductions.

We hope to offer our valued customers reproductions of such a quality that they will hang prominently in their residences and provide a daily source of inspiration for many years to come (many generations to come in fact).

Please inquire about our Associate program. If a valued customer "catches the bug" as we did, and would like to enter the World of Art as a reseller, we offer a 10% commission for any sales!

Your Partner in Art - E-ArtReplicas.com

To maintain the quality of service that our customers expect, we advise that in the first instance you contact us via email. This type of contact allows us to track and manage all requests for information, ensuring that your questions are answered in a timely manner by the person with the relevant skills to deal with your request. Please include as much information as possible in any communication, including a contact name and telephone number.

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